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About us
How Mamo was born

Mamo Ergo Sum was born in 2017 from the idea of Sara Masci, molecular biologist and nutritionist, and Fiorentino Modesti, biological and natural consultant for over thirty years.

Our philosophy has led to the creation of the entire range of MAMO products, whose flagship is Saffron wisely cultivated by us on the Navelli Plain, in L’Aquila, the motherland of the most precious spice in the world.

Red Gold, or Saffron, is accompanied by a series of totally natural products such as jams, marmalades and dressings, all made in our laboratory in Tortoreto Lido, the heart of development and innovation, through balanced, healthy and good nutritional elements.

Mission and vision

Buying our products means to have the certainty of a careful selection of cultivation methods and raw materials, produced with the heart by those who love the land and respect it, without using artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

“Mamo Ergo Sum, that is “I love myself therefore I exist” and for this reason I look for the best for my body and my wellness: first choice ingredients, authentic and natural flavours, strong of Abruzzese roots able to satiate mind and body”.  But not only that…

What we want to present is not only an assortment of high quality natural products, but above all the awareness that knowing all the nutrients we consume daily is of fundamental importance to keep us in good shape.

Our labels clearly state the history of each product. It’s up to you to read them.

Territory and traditions

Since the past, the region of Abruzzo has been the cradle of men and women who, over the years, have given rise to a culture that still exists today and can be perceived among the ancient alleys of the villages or inside the local craft shops.

The atmosphere that one breathes in these territories is the symbol of an ancient history, rich in traditions and activities that are handed down from father to son, from generation to generation, and that define the unique character of this region.

The local culinary production definitely boasts an ancient and constant tradition of simplicity and naturalness; we have decided to recover it starting from our origins and from the reinterpretation of our ancient flavours, creating however new paths of taste through a healthy nutritional logic.

Our Team


You represent development and innovation, the focus on the production of nutritionally balanced, healthy and good food.


The wizard of distribution! He made it possible for you to learn about this reality and this dream!

“ We love the land and we have the duty to respect it ”

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